About Susie :)

Susie Cantrell
Susie Cantrell

Hi, my name is Susie Cantrell. 🙂

A little about me & my family ~

I’m Married to John, my Best-Friend & Love. We have 2 children, Gifts from God ~ Son, Andrew & Daughter, Martha.

I was a High School English & Social Studies Teacher, Scout Mom- both Boy & Girl, Sunday School Teacher actively living for my Lord & Loving my husband & kids…Lovin’ Life!

Then, 5:05pm on January 5, 1999, “Life Hit Us from Behind” ~literally our 2 Children & I are Car-VS-Semi-SURVIVORs.

After-*Kids had minor injuries & at ages 9 & 7, recovered quickly.

Me~not so much-I became a Brain Injury Survivor. Praise God we did Survive! 🙂

Then I dwelled in a deep & dark cave both physical & spiritual venturing out for Dr apts, Physical Therapy & to huddle on the couch to be in the same room as my family ~ my link to the daily living world that left me behind.

We, because this happened to all 4 of us; linked hearts & arms with our Lord, Determind to “get Mom back” because we had a promised life to live.

And ‘Mom Recovery’ continued… *WHAM* “Life hit us from Behind” once again – 9-11 hit the families who lost loved ones & friends, the Emergency responders & their families, the US as a Nation, the world citizenship but also so many US Military families, us included because they knew the moment the 1st plain hit…they where about to send a loved one into harm’s way. That moment is one of a handfull of memories that I can’t see & feel as if it was happening right as I say the words.

*I honor all who gave & give still the consequences of that day. Praise the Lord, John came home from 1yr Stateside deployment. Home a month or so, *expected Wham* John is deployed to Iraq for 1yr. He comes home (with whole unit!) & our 2 then Middle School Kids & I didn’t kill each other or burn down the house with much prayer & active love support.

Waiting on God while still in ‘Mom recovery mode’. Years keep coming. God is working behind the scenes & I find myself on a plane to Lima Peru. I could barely stand driving 1 hr to the city! I lool again & He has created a Women’s Sunday Scool Teacher then a Women’s Ministry Leader out of me!

Now? God has us in ‘Transition Mode’ along with the 12 yrs now, ongoing ‘Mom Recovery’. John & I are Trusting God as I ‘actively wait on Him’ by speaking, teaching, wrting & creating art as I climb the now Full Time ‘Ministry Mountain’ He has set before me. And though still in ‘Mom Recovery’ mode for which I am beyond Thankful for – those kids are now young Adults & both seeking their own paths up their Mountains. We are so Proud to have been given the honor of being their parents on this life Journey.

I Love to meet fellow Sojourners so Please leave comments. Feedback is treasured so please share your thoughts & Share the posts with others! May you Be Encouraged by what God has & is doing in my life Because He wants you to live your abundant life as well! 🙂

Please contact me & let’s talk about how I may serve, encourage & share a Unique Message Customized for Your Needs thru Speaking &/orTeaching at your Women’s Event. Retreats, Conferences, Group Meetings etc.

Be Encouraged & Have a JOY-Full Day!

Love Ya! Susie 🙂

<>< “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.”

~ Philippians 4:13

~ Contact  Susie ~ 

Facebook ~ Http://facebook.com/SusieSattlerCantrell

Email ~ scanmm413@gmail.com


9 Responses to About Susie :)

  1. Patti says:

    I’m right there with you on those “Whams” — the last 5 years have brought a few my way, too. I love your testimony of how you’ve dealt with them, and I’m looking forward to catching up on all your posts and reading future ones. I’m not far from you and hope we can someday meet. 🙂

  2. God is so amazing! Praising Him along with you for the improvements you’ve made along the way in the healing process. Praising Him, too, for this “mountain” journey He has you on… and the lives that will be touched and grown by Him through your faithfulness to His call of ministry! (BTW, Josh 14:12 is coming to mind… all the years in the dust and desert, and then… the beauty of the mountain inheritance… the fulfillment of God’s promises for Caleb. I know His promises to you are beautiful and will be fulfilled, too, Susie!) 🙂 God bless you, dear sister!

  3. Pingback: 100 pound loser ~ a book review & my renewed perspective | Susie MM413 ~ Mountain Ministry

  4. Susie, I was so moved hearing your story and then reading it again. God is amazing and it’s pleasure to my spirit to know you are walking. I’ve helped my son through sever injuries from a car accident, being told he’d never walk again ~ yet he does walk (Glory to God) And…this puts me in the know how precious life is and the work of God in our lives. My dear sister, you have the precious fingerprints of Jesus all over you and your family’s life, which I am truly grateful to be a part of now.
    Love you Susie!!!

  5. KellySinging says:

    Praise God for what He has done and is doing in your life and your family! I look forward to seeing what God has in store for this ministry! You are in my prayers. Much love. 🙂

    • Hi Kelly!
      Thanks for the Prayers!!! I’ll be praying for your Ministry as well! http://kellysinging.wordpress.com
      I also am looking forward to seeing what God has in store fo this ministry! LOL! It’s been a loooong journey thus far and I’m looking forward to God using my weakness to show the Strength of Christ! What Blessings He has showered into dry, dark places!
      What a Blessing Sisters in Christ are! See Ya on Twitter/Facebook!
      Love Ya! Susie 🙂

  6. CoolMama says:

    Hi Susie!

    You started following me on Twitter today and when I read your bio about the accident I had to stop over here right away. In 2000 my sister was in a head-on collision and is a brain injury survivor as well. You can read about it here: The Anniversary of a Miracle.

    I’m in the middle of a bunch of stuff right now so I’ll have to come back and check out the rest of your blog some other time, but I’m going to subscribe right now so that I’m sure not to miss anything.

    Isn’t God amazing?!
    God Bless,
    Coolest Family on the Block

    • Jenn,
      Thanks so much for leaving your comment! I was just over to your page for the 2nd time! 1st was to emotional to comment. I did leave one today. God is So Amazing!!! Thanks again for sharing your Sissy’s story with me & the world. What an Inspiration & Encouragement!
      Plus, love your blog…so fun!
      Love Ya, Susie 🙂

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