Grace & New Fallen Snow

Mornin' Quiet-Time Thoughts 🙂

Early in the pre-dawn mornings, I often find myself awake. It is in these times of stillness that I know I will hear more clearly from my God… if I will just be still my own soul and listen. This morning was such a time. The new fallen snow was a blanket over our property as I looked out the window. I sat enveloped by the complete stillness of the peaceful, snow-covered scene tinted by the last of the cloud-filtered moonlight.
I could imagine all of creation tucked in by this comforter blanket of snow. Yet, much like disruptions in my life, I also knew there would be the tracks of our dog & the rabbits & of course those squirrels he’d chase disrupting the scene soon enough. My squirrel chasing life would wait for at the moment… there was stillness.
Stillness of nature and of my soul both pausing in our busy purposes to still enjoy being simply ‘the created’. And for this soul, pausing to know that unlike the snow which will melt away, I have the covering of Grace with me always. Grace thru the Son, Jesus’ sacrifice, allows me to enter the most peace-Full scene imaginable – The presence of God.

“Grace, like new fallen snow,
covers us and muffles the noise of this world
so that if we be still and listen;
we would hear the presence of God.”

~ quote by ~ Susanne Christine Cantrell 01-20-2011

I pray that you have a Blanket Stillness sometime soon as you recall the comfort of Grace in your life. OR, If you have no idea what I’m talkin’ about with this Grace stuff…Please, leave me a comment with a way to contact you asking “What’s Grace got to do with it?” & I will be glad to have a conversation with you.

Have a JOY-Full Day! Love Ya! Susie 🙂


About Susie Cantrell ~ SusieMM413

Christian. Created Mountain Ministry to Encourage others on the Journey thru various ways. I am a Speaker-Writer-Teacher-Artist who Loves Jesus, my husband & best Friend, John & our 2 Children, Andrew & Martha. I was a HS English & Social Studies Teacher, then 'Life Hit Us from Behind' - literally Kids & I are car-VS-semi-SURVIVORs, *kids at ages 9 & 7 had minor injuries & recovered quickly. *me-Brain Injury SURVIVOR along with multiple soft-tissue damage, head2toe. Now? Praising God for Miracle of Life & Trusting Him as I continue the Journey & climb the 'Ministry Mountain'. I love to meet Sojourners, Share The Word & my Journey Lessons and make new Friends! Love Ya, Susie :)
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4 Responses to Grace & New Fallen Snow

  1. My husband and I decided to move our family to slow life down. My blog is about our journey and the process it took for me to live a life of increased focus and purpose. In moving, all distractions were taken out of my life and all that was left was my empty soul. I have been practicing this stillness you are writing about, and oh, how my soul longs for it and is filled when I am still.

    • Janna,

      Thanks for sharing your comment. I appreciate the encouragement of feedback. Looking forward to reading about your journey on your Blog & now, Tweeting with you as well. Love to be friends on FB too. 🙂

      Have a JOY-Full Day, in His Presence! “You have made known to me the paths of like; you fill me with joy in you presence.” ~ Acts 2:28 NIV

      Love Ya! Susie 🙂

  2. “Grace, like new fallen snow,
    covers us and muffles the noise of this world
    so that if we be still and listen;
    we would hear the presence of God.”

    I love this quote. It has always been that I’ve heard the voice of my Lord clearer when I am surrounded by water and I am still in my spirit. Great post Susie!

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