The Key to "many blessings" ~ Psalm 40:4 :)

“Many blessings are given to those who trust the Lord.” ~ Psalm 40:4

I have learned that the key phrase in this Scripture is not “many blessings given to” but “those who TRUST in the Lord.” When I use the key of Trust, my blessings are accessed with ‘the turn of a Prayer in His Presence’. “I Will Trust You Lord…Please help me to do so in Your Strength.” For it is the ever deepening Relationship I have with my Lord thru ‘Prayer in His Presence’ that is the key to Trusting Him. This relationship thru prayer builds Trust as I know Him more. I can then open the doors to unknown and unimaginable ‘blessings given’ just because He Loves Me. He Loves You too. Trust the Lord by seeking Him thru Prayer in His Presence and you too will open the doors of ‘blessings given’. Jesus is knocking…will you Trust Him?

Love Ya, Susie 🙂
< "I can do all things thru CHRIST who strengthens me." ~ Philippians 4:13


About Susie Cantrell ~ SusieMM413

Christian. Created Mountain Ministry to Encourage others on the Journey thru various ways. I am a Speaker-Writer-Teacher-Artist who Loves Jesus, my husband & best Friend, John & our 2 Children, Andrew & Martha. I was a HS English & Social Studies Teacher, then 'Life Hit Us from Behind' - literally Kids & I are car-VS-semi-SURVIVORs, *kids at ages 9 & 7 had minor injuries & recovered quickly. *me-Brain Injury SURVIVOR along with multiple soft-tissue damage, head2toe. Now? Praising God for Miracle of Life & Trusting Him as I continue the Journey & climb the 'Ministry Mountain'. I love to meet Sojourners, Share The Word & my Journey Lessons and make new Friends! Love Ya, Susie :)
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2 Responses to The Key to "many blessings" ~ Psalm 40:4 :)

  1. I love love love this Susie. It speaks a truth that contradicts the “name it and claim it” teaching that is out there (which is detrimental to the relationship Jesus wants to have with us) Would you consider being a guest blogger on my site http// Waiting to hear from you.

    Love you Susie

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